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Am I Dying?

Sometimes you’re screwed. And sometime it just feels that way. Learn which symptoms should scare you–and how to treat them–with this diagnostic chart. See larger version

Cramps and coughing? Rashy and short of breath? Follow this flow chart to diagnose yourself from 12 common backcountry illnesses and learn whether to evacuate immediately, or simply stop complaining. In this Aug. 2010 piece for BACKPACKER,  I interviewed experts and crunched Center for Disease Control data to find out which diseases and care about and how to tell them apart on the fly.


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Hike Forever

The secret to long-term health and fitness? Reap backpacking’s many benefits—a strong heart, lean muscle, superior endurance—through every stage of your life. Here’s how. Read full story

After months of reporting and hounding experts from the University of California to Johns Hopkins University, I wrote this story for BACKPACKER magazine’s June 2009 issue (I’m now assistant editor there). This 10-page guide explains the body’s physiologic changes in four different life stages, as well as common injuries and how to avoid them through a mix of nutrition and exercise. Click here for the online version.

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Left Holding the (Plastic) Bag


Image by Craig Abraham via thingbeautifula.tumblr.com

In theory, plastic bags can be recycled. The reality is a lot messier. Read full story

This story, which ran in the May/June 2009 issue of Mother Jones, was the product of my masters project at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. I booted up and slogged through New York City’s recycling center, and the Trex recycling facility in Virginia that combines old plastic with sawdust to create a durable material used in decking. The full piece received Columbia’s prestigious 2008 Weschler Award for Local Reporting.

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