Casey Lyons has written for a variety of magazines and newspapers over his seven-year career, including The Pitch, Backpacker magazine, Mother Jones magazine, Tufts magazine, the Boston Herald, Boston’s Weekly Dig , and others. Here’s a sampling of recent work. Please check back often for updates and new material.

Thank God for the Rock,” The Pitch, Nov. 25 ’09.

Destinations: Readers’ Choice – Midwest,” Backpacker magazine, Jan. ’10.

Historian in Chief,” The Pitch, Oct. 29 ’09.

The Oldest Professional,” The Pitch, Sept. 9 ’09.

Canned Heat: Stove Reviews,” Backpacker magazine, June ’09.

Hike Forever,” Backpacker magazine, May ’09.

Left Holding the (Plastic) Bag,” Mother Jones magazine, May ’09.

The Cheetah at Twilight,” Tufts magazine, winter ’09.

Ultimate Survival Kit,” Backpacker magazine, Oct. ’08.

10 Epic Hikes,” Backpacker magazine, Oct. ’08.

The Charted World,” Backpacker magazine, Nov. ’08.


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